For Producers

Good to know: Beyond the base functions, CINELAUNCH is a fully-loaded film-finance super-app with loads of features to make early-stage film producing manageable.

Financing a film is a convoluted, extremely inefficient process at nearly every level. If you look at the processes for funding and developing projects in any other industry, it's changed along with the times. Though for some reason, the film industry tends to refuse to change. Until now!

For producers, CINELAUNCH is a no-brainer.

If your project is accepted into the platform for an equity offering, it's a streamlined, hyper-effective way to raise capital for your movie. Whether you're bringing in funding from a large amount of fractionalized community-investors, or a smaller amount of high net worth investors and established financiers: CINELAUNCH utilizes smart contracts to make the equity ownership process simple, fast and effective for the long-term.

Quickly tokenize ownership for all OR a select percentage of equity in your movie to make the process SMOOTH and FRICTIONLESS for raising outside capital. Plus this model enables liquidity in an asset class previously considered to be illiquid.

Beyond the obvious...

CINELAUNCH is a value-focused toolkit for film finance and pre-production on the technical side.

For ALL projects, whether greenlit as an equity offering or not, CINELAUNCH is accessible for productions to use as a film production finance super-app! For budgeting, package-development, incentive optimization, task tracking and business management.

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