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Fun Fact: The global film market is predicted to grow +84.92% over the next 5 years. In that same period, the S&P 500 is predicted to grow 44.3% In that same period, the US housing market is predicated to grow 28.34% In that same period, gold is predicted to grow 24.67%
The annual expenses of the U.S. motion picture, industry was estimated at $36.8 billion U.S. dollars. That’s $36.8 billion dollars of investment capital that goes into what became a total of $101 billion dollars in revenue.
The best part is: A movie is an asset that keeps making money long-after the expenses go away. Through streaming royalties, geographic distribution, licensing options, VOD rentals, copyrights, et. It’s like real estate without the overhead.

Well CINELAUNCH unlocks the ability to invest in the alternative asset class of movies!

‍CINELAUNCH makes the process of vetting through QUALIFIED film projects incredibly efficient. For a projects to even be featured in the Launchpad: It needs to go through a series of approval processes. ‍ This is NOT an Indiegogo or a Kickstarter alternative. ‍ We're constantly developing partnerships with accredited film festivals, screenplay competitions, entertainment industry professionals and development organizations to structure our "engine." ‍ This is all for the sake of ensuring only the most high-quality, investable, structured film project proposals are put in front of our board of directors, and eventually, the potential project investors.