Distribution Deals

Film distribution is the process of making a movie available for viewing by an audience. And this includes theatrical exhibition, TV broadcast, VOD streaming, and DVD sales.

An expert film distributor can help get a film shown in cinemas and streamed on major VOD platforms. They understand how to market films and how to help you get films shown to an international audience. A production can sell a film independently, but working with a distributor allows you to access more opportunities and make a higher profit generally.

A production must find a film distributor, then sign a contract with them. This film distribution contract will include a term length, which outlines how long the distributor will have the rights to the film. This contract comes with a premium and a performance-based revenue model usually.

Distribution Deals Before Production Begins

One does not need to make a finished film to secure a distribution deal. Pre-sale distribution is a guarantee from a distribution company that they will represent a given film once the project is complete. A film distributor might be interested in a film early-on if the film already has a built-in audience. For example, it might be a sequel to a successful movie or have a star actor attached. Occasionally, distribution companies will approve of the film if they like the script, genre, or filmmaker’s previous work as well.

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